The Virginia Department of Transportation has been working hard to clear the roads for Wednesday’s morning commute.

A number of secondary roads froze over late Tuesday night.

Roanoke County officials detoured traffic around Garst Mill Road near Brambleton Avenue after a handful of cars landed in a ditch.

Tuesday night’s snowfall quickly turned into ice and made it hard for drivers to stay on the road.

Tow truck drivers were out and about working to pull those cars out before temperatures dropped anymore.

Residents along Garst Mill said they know better than to drive in the area when there’s low temperatures.

"It gets slick,” said Joseph Smith. “I mean all these side roads and everything gets slick. The same as Mud Lick I had to detour that way. I parked up the road so I didn't have to try coming through because I knew what it was going to be like."

VDOT said during a winter weather event, snow plow drivers concentrate their initial efforts on the primary roads, those numbered 1-599. 

Once the precipitation stops and these major roads are plowed and treated, VDOT begins to work on the secondary roads, those numbered 600 and above. 

VDOT suggests drivers avoid traveling overnight.

Below are the latest conditions from VDOT as of 10 pm Tuesday:

Interstate 81 in Botetourt, Roanoke, Montgomery and Pulaski counties and I-581 in Roanoke County are listed in minor condition. I-77 in Carroll County is clear.

Routes in Roanoke and Giles counties and Route 48 in Bedford County are in moderate condition. Primary Routes in Bedford, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Henry, Montgomery and Pulaski counties are in minor condition. Primary routes in Botetourt County are listed in minor condition with the exception of Route 220 which is in moderate condition and Routes 43 and 11 which are listed as severe.

Secondary routes in Roanoke, Botetourt, Craig, Floyd, Giles and Montgomery counties are in moderate condition. Routes in Bedford, Franklin, Henry and Pulaski counties are listed in minor condition.

All Routes in Carroll and Patrick counties are clear.

Drivers should watch for icy patches particularly on bridges, overpasses and in the higher elevations.

VDOT’s Salem District includes the counties of Bedford, Botetourt, Carroll, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Henry, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, Patrick and Roanoke.

Road condition definitions:

Severe – significant snow or ice on roadway, road partially blocked or drifting snow

Moderate – snow or ice on major portions of the roadway

Minor – bare pavement except for isolated spots of snow, ice or slush