Some studies show one out of every 5 kids has a learning disability.

One innovative program at a Roanoke County private school is making things a little easier.

The CrossWalk program empowers younger students with learning disabilites by using language-based learning to develop.  Thursday, a group of students took a field trip and visited Eric Fitzpatrick; a local, successful artist who has dyslexia.

Fitzpatrick used abstract art to show that people all move and learn at a different pace, and that's okay.

"I was trying to tell them if you have anything that has slowed you down. A lot of times in a classroom environment you'll feel slower than your contemporaries, but you're not! You're just as intelligent, but you're learning differently," Fitzpatrick said.

North Cross is expanding its CrossWalk program.

This fall, because of CrossWalk, North Cross will enroll 12 students and two full-time teachers.