The next time Martinsville gets a tornado warning, you'll hear it loud and clear.

A strange looking contraption sitting atop a tall pole is the first of the new tornado sirens at the back of Martinsville High School. It's one of eight the city plans to install during the next six weeks.

Crews lifted this one into place yesterday.

It's not ready for use yet. This is just phase one of a several month project to get them working.

Electrical crews will come back and give them capability to make their overpowering sound.

The others are strategically placed high above schools and neighborhoods where they'll be heard.

This is the end of a nearly six year project to get funding for these sirens.

All eight of these were bought through a $192,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"We wanted a way to give a good early warning to people that would be, particularly those that might not be around television or different types of media- outdoors or at sporting events," said Bob Phillips,

They'll only be used when there is a sign of a tornado in the area. The fire department plans to start testing them once a month starting in October.

Similar sirens are found on most Virginia universities and near power plants.

The director of emergency management says Blacksburg is the closest place to Martinsville that has sirens like this.