SALEM, Va. -

The original deadline to enroll for coverage under the Affordable Care Act that starts January 1 was today.

Over the weekend, the Obama Administration pushed that deadline to tomorrow.

WDBJ7 reporter David Kaplan spoke to several insurance specialists today to see if the one day extension will help.

The organizations who enroll people say a few things are slowing them down.

First is the functionality of the site; they say this final push means higher traffic that the website isn't handling well.

Next, when the site does work, experts are trying to enroll people who aren't familiar with the internet or don't have email addresses.

Explaining the site and the results can also be a challenge; with several possible plans that pop up; choosing the best one requires going through most all of them.

Experts want to remind people that not everyone is eligible, there are people who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for the Affordable Care Act.

We spoke with an insurance broker who says she really noticed the site starting to be slow this past Friday.

Becky Pollard tells me it's taken her up to three hours to enroll some people, but she says she's turned four people away this morning alone because the site wasn't working consistently.

“Quite honestly, I think the level of frustration for people right now is that they've been there done that and they don't want to sit there for another hour. My lady this morning looked at me and she said "I've got things to do, and I can't just sit here not knowing how long it may be,’” Becky Pollard of Business Solutions said.

Experts say enrolling before tomorrow night's deadline is of particular concern for people with pre-existing conditions.

Those current plans either went away or the premiums skyrocketed in anticipation for the January 1st deadline.