It's been just one day since Alexis Murphy's family found out her killer will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Randy Taylor's sentencing means Murphy's family can begin to move on with their lives, but it's a much different story for law enforcement.

The trial is done and investigators got the conviction they were looking for in the case, but there's still one thing missing - Murphy's body.

Taylor addressed the Murphy family in court on Wednesday and said he “did not kill Alexis Murphy.”

Taylor maintained his innocence just minutes after his defense attorney asked for a 20 year sentence in exchange for information on the location of Murphy’s body.

Her family made the decision to not bargain with Taylor, so the case is far from over for law enforcement.

However, for the first time since August 2013, Murphy's family can go to bed at night knowing Taylor won't be able to hurt another person.

"To put a predator like Randy behind bars and to make the community a much safer place it's huge for everyone,” said lead investigator Billy Mays.

Mays said he wanted to get a conviction and punishment for Taylor sooner rather than later.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Virginia State Police all played a crucial role in getting justice for the teen. All three agencies worked around the clock to turn over evidence and follow up on leads despite one major challenge in this case.

"To be able to successfully convict Randy Taylor of murder without body was huge,” said Mays. “It's only been done a couple of times in Virginia."

Searches for her body have not been successful.

Four seasons have come and gone in Nelson County, but Mays said this is not the end.

He hopes tips will continue to come in and as they do, investigators plan to follow up with searches for Alexis.

"I think that one missing piece of the puzzle will bring full closure for the family by bringing Alexis home,” he said.

Taylor plans to appeal his conviction.