Murder suspect Randy Taylor goes on trial in less than three weeks. Monday, investigators returned to the property where he was living when Alexis Murphy disappeared.
Murphy hasn't been seen since August 3rd.

Monday afternoon, vehicles were parked on the shoulder of Route 29, and a group of investigators gathered in the front yard of the small home. Late in the day, two dogs and their handlers were also visible in the area.

Neighbor Keith Spencer has watched the activity across Route 29 from his home. And for Alexis Murphy's family, he says, he hopes investigators' perseverance eventually pays off.
"When  this all happened, they searched all of our houses, and all around. And I knew the family somewhat," Spencer told WDBJ7. "And it's just a sad thing that someone that age has been missing this long. "

Taylor's trial is set to begin on May 1st, and it appears we will have to wait until then to learn more about the evidence investigators have collected. Those who were searching Monday left the home shortly after 6 P.M.


Investigators are searching the property in Nelson County where murder suspect Randy Taylor lived.

Taylor is charged with the murder and abduction of Alexis Murphy. The teenager was last seen Aug. 3 at a gas station in Lovingston.

The lead investigator in the case would not comment on what police are searching for. Investigators have been searching near the home, which is across Route 29, for most of Monday.

Neighbors have told reporters that they have seen investigators at the home at times during the last few days.

Taylor’s trial is scheduled to start May 1 in Nelson County.