As the fighting in Gaza continues, many in the U.S. are closely watching as they plan trips to the Holy Land. Last week the Federal Aviation Administration banned flights to Israel for 48 hours.

A Roanoke church group is planning a trip to Israel in the next year or so. Members of the Saint John Lutheran Church have made the pilgrimage several times before and they plan to again.

This week the church's tour guide traveled from Israel to explain the conflict happening in the war torn country. So far more than 1,200 Palestinians have been killed, along with 53 Israeli soldiers and three civilians in Israel. The tour guide I spoke with today says it's okay to plan a trip to Israel.

“I believe, just as we've see I've live there for over 20 years now that these uprisings are short lived and so planning a trip from a few months from now or a year from now is a good thing,” Home for Bible Translators, Jerusalem Academic Dean Baruch (Brian) Kvasnica.

The church's pastor says so far no one has expressed an interest in backing out of the trip.