It has been a soggy summer for area farmers

Most of the Roanoke Valley has already seen an entire year's worth of rain in the first 8 months of 2013

POSTED: 03:26 PM EDT Sep 10, 2013    UPDATED: 05:37 PM EDT Sep 10, 2013 

Even though it's nearly 50-miles away, the crops here:

"Tomatoes, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, potatoes, corn, we raise it all," chuckles Farm Manager Johnny Diehl.

... make their way to the tables of the Greenbrier Resort.

But, this year fresh fruits and vegetables were a luxury the resort almost had to skimp on.

Says Diehl, "It just wasn't a very good year, a farmer just don't like to see a whole lot of rain."

Especially, when the Roanoke Valley rainfall amounts are 13-inches above average right now.
That makes it the 2nd wettest year in recorded history.

"We're not complaining about the water," explains Diehl. "We could just use a little bit less water."

"This year," says Diehl shaking his head, "It rotted just about everything you planted. We just had to fight it."

During the farm's busiest times, it usually sends 4 to 5 loads of produce to the resort a week.
This year, the average was more like 3.

Diehl says this farm is luckier than most because of its size and the assortment of crops.

But, like farmers throughout the region he's already looking to the next year which will hopefully bring better weather and fuller crops.