With the support of friends and a lot of prayer, Norma Gilbert-Eldridge is processing an unthinkable loss.

It's a road she's been down before.

"I'm no stranger to tragedies with my children, unfortunately," Gilbert-Eldridge said Thursday.

Her oldest son was shot and killed a few years ago.  A daughter died of cancer at a young age.

Now, she's dealing with yet another loss: the suspicious death of her pride and joy, Jamisha.

"She was a fun loving girl," Gilbert-Eldridge said.  "She was very opinionated.  She spoke her mind."

She was also a strong student, with plans to attend college.

"She knew what she wanted, but she made a wrong choice," said Gilbert-Eldridge.

The circumstances surrounding Gilbert's death are unclear.  Police found her family car wrecked and abandoned Friday morning along Concord Turnpike.

Gilbert-Eldridge believes her daughter's boyfriend was driving.

"It's still being investigated, but I know he was the last one seen with her," said Gilbert-Eldridge.

Regardless of what happened, she's now preparing for her child's funeral.

It's a task she's taken on twice before, strengthened by a deep relationship with her God.

"If it was not for him being on my side, I would crumble like anyone else," said Gilbert-Eldridge.  "When you have a relationship with him, you know that your children are on loan and you are supposed to get them ready to meet him."

Gilbert is trying to raise money to help bury her daughter in Maryland.  Her funeral will happen in Lynchburg.

One question people have been asking since Gilbert disappeared is whether her case is related to another missing person: Alexis Murphy.  Lynchburg Police said Thursday afternoon that they do not believe the two cases are related, or that anyone in Lynchburg is in danger because of what happened to Gilbert.