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March madness makes some viewers mad!

POSTED: 08:04 AM EDT May 21, 2010    UPDATED: 06:54 PM EDT May 06, 2013 
WDBJ7 Anchor/Reporter Jean Jadhon

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This is the time of year when the TV station gets inundated with telephone calls. Why?  I can answer that with one word:  Basketball. 

We are the station that carries all of the March Madness basketball games and frankly that makes many viewers mad!  Let's face it. We all  lead hectic lives. Sometimes it's that hour escape from reality while we watch reality TV that we look forward to after a busy day.   Imagine how viewers feel when they turn on the TV to watch Survivor only to realize it's not being broadcast tonight??!!

Imagine the soap opera fans who sit down to watch the Young and the Restless only to see a basketball game!?

So the phones here at WDBJ7 ring and ring and ring. People shout and holler. Some use words that are not so nice- if you get my drift. 

Here in the newsroom we don't have ANY control over programming choices, but we many times get stuck taking the phone calls.    In fact today we don't have a 5pm news because of basketball  (although don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. It's kind of nice to have a break! It allows me time to do things such as write in this blog!) 

I can assure you that the programming department has made an effort to make sure that all programming gets on the air at some point.   The full schedule is on our Web site.

I can also tell you that when the nationwide tournament starts in a couple of weeks the games won't be "covering" other CBS programming because the games will be on nationwide.  CBS will pick up the following day/week where your favorite show left off.  

And take comfort in knowing that in just a few short weeks- the March Madness will be over and it will officially be Spring and April!   Your shows will be back on at their normal time.