The contestant match-ups for the this week’s quarterfinals are as follows:


Monday, May 5 – Quarterfinal 1

  • Robin Carroll (’90s)           Atlanta, Ga.
  • Roger Craig (’00s)             Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Leszek Pawlowicz (’80s)   Flagstaff, Ariz.

Tuesday, May 6 – Quarterfinal 2

  • Pam Mueller (’90s)           Princeton, N.J.
  • Tom Nosek (’80s)             Torrance, Calif.
  • Russ Schumacher (’00s)  Fort Collins, Colo.


Wednesday, May 7 – Quarterfinal 3

  • Mark Lowenthal (’80s)     Reston, Va.
  • Dan Pawson (’00s)            Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Brad Rutter (’90s)              Los Angeles, Calif.


Thursday, May 8 – Quarterfinal 4

  • Tom Cubbage (’80s)        Arlington, Va.
  • Ken Jennings (’00s)          Seattle, Wash.
  • Rachael Schwartz (’90s)   Mountain View, Calif.

 Friday, May 9 – Quarterfinal 5

  • Colby Burnett (’00s)         Chicago, Ill.
  • Mark Dawson (’90s)         Chamblee, Ga.
  • Chuck Forrest (’80s)         Rome, Italy

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