Botetourt County, Va. -

The Jeter Family Farm in Botetourt County is celebrating 160 years. Since 1853 the family has worked hard to raise cattle and grow crops.

Old black and white photos, some clipped from articles, were on display at the Farm. It shows the beginning life of a farm that many know. Those who work on the farm say farming is an around the clock operation.

“It's a seven day a week job. We try to take off every now and then, but there something going on all the time,” said Ned Jeter II.

Buyers and visitor celebrated 160 years of the farms operation and for farm co-owner Ned Jeter Sr. work is a labor of love.

“If everybody could understand how much hard work goes in to preparing a meal that you have on your dinner table, that you eat in fifteen minutes and run out the door, they would slow down and eat that meal and enjoy it,” said Jeter Sr.

Ned Jeter Sr. says it all about survival. He says some years you do better on one crop than others.

The farm is no stranger to branching off into other ways of using its 305 acres. Agritourism is something the family has been doing for years.

“I've learned to appreciate this one thing, just doing the corn maze, people are looking,” said Jeter Sr. “Families are looking for something to do with their kids; some way to have fun with them, not just go to a mall.”

“We love this traditional farm life and it's just a joy to be friends with a family that's been so steep in that,” said family friend, Natalie Norris.

Thought the family farm has seen many years of progression another 160, they say is not out if the question.