Joy Sutton has always been known for her big smile and bubbly personality.

Those of just some of the reasons she was so missed when she left TV in 2010 for a new career path in marketing.

But, it wasn't long until Sutton was back in front of the camera.

Explains Sutton, "I had this dream, ever since I was a child, to do my own talk show and that dream just kept building and building and the further I was away from TV the more it kept pulling me back in."

The Hour of Joy was initially shown on WDBJ7's sister station, My19.

Now, a revamped version called, "The Joy Sutton Show" is coming to WDBJ7 itself.

You could call it a homecoming.

"WDBJ is like a family -it has been my family no matter where I've gone. Its always been like family and to come back here is like a dream come true," she says smiling.

The hour has been cut down to 30-minutes, but Sutton says the core values of the show remain.

"I've taken the best of all of the different talk shows that are out there and put them together to make one show," she says. "So, we hope that it's going to be something that people feel will help them live their best life, but will also entertain them and give them the moments where they say, 'Did Joy really say that? Hmmm, I don't know about that one.'"

The show will be shot in the very studios Sutton once reported and anchored in.

Proving that you can in fact, come home again.

"I felt like WDBJ has always supported me and always believed in me, you know, and if you have those two-things you can conquer the world," she says with her mega-watt smile.

The first episode of "The Joy Sutton Show" airs right here on WDBJ7 on April 6th.

It will air every Sunday on WDBJ7 at 11:30 a.m.

It will air every Sunday on My19 at 6:30p.m.

And, there will be live streaming here on

Visit here to learn more about Joy's show. Her site here on WDBJ7 is under construction.