The Bedford mother accused of strangling and suffocating her own son has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Shana Witt will be evaluated to determine her competence to stand trial and her mental state at the time of her son's death. 

Jordan Smith was just two years old when he died February 27.  Prosecutors say Witt strangled and suffocated him.

Deputies believe Witt waited several hours to call for help after injuring her child, because she needed time to clean up a meth lab in her home.

Bedford County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Louis Harrison order a psychiatric evaluation for Witt Monday, at the request of her court-appointed attorney Linda Willis.

Willis said there have been several incidents with her client that have raised concerns about her intellect and her ability to understand the serious nature of her murder charge.

"In speaking with her and her family, and examining her academic records, I have a lot of concerns that I feel need to be answered before we can move forward with her case," Willis said.

A preliminary hearing for Witt and her husband, Michael Smith, has been postponed until June 2.