The Roanoke Police Department wants you and your home to be safe this summer. Some burglars monitor neighborhoods and watch daily routines, just waiting for when homeowners go on vacation.

According to the F-B-I, a home burglary happens in the U.S. every 13 seconds. With vacations and summer breaks planned, now's the time to get your home ready.

"I call the newspaper carrier ask them to suspend service same thing with the mail," Roanoke resident Kirt Zimniewicz told Your Hometown News Leader.

"I like to have family just drive by just to make sure everything looks ok," Roanoke resident Grant Courtney told WDBJ7.

Police say those are just a few of the things you should be doing when you head out of town this summer to avoid a burglary. Some people have their safety routines down to a science.

"Leave a car in the driveway so it looks like someone's home at all times. We have a timer that we put our lights on," suggested Courtney.

All ideas any law enforcement agency would also recommend.

"The precautions that we take are preventative enough to keep people away from our home," said Zimniewicz.

And being proactive is your best defense against an intruder. Although they're no guarantees that your home won't be targeted, taking extra precautions will greatly lower your chances. Here's some more tips to remember before you head off on vacation:

Tips From Roanoke Police Department:
-Check and double check all points of entry and invest in a security system
-Leave indoor lights on and use outdoor motion lighting
-Ask neighbors or family to watch your home and occasionally go inside
-Alert people you trust of your travel plans
-Don't broadcast those plans on social media
-Keep all blinds and shades closed
-Join a neighborhood watch program

These actions might seem like common sense, but police say it's the small mistakes that can make a burglary easier for intruders.

Another thing you can do to keep your neighborhood safer while you're gone is by requesting a vacation check. That's where police officers patrol areas where they know people area away.