More people shop for Back to School than any other time of the year, besides Christmas.

For this week's Early Years, I decided to take on my own shopping challenge, while buying school supplies for my two kids.

My kindergartner's list came with an estimated cost of $30.00 for suggested items, including a new backpack and tennis shoes.

I didn't quite reach that goal, and ended up finding everything for $38.58.

In my quest for great bargain, I did find some good ones to share with fellow back-to-school shoppers:

Backpacks-                $9.88 at Wal-Mart

Pencils-                      $1.00 (12) at OfficeMax

Scissors-                     $1.47  at Wal-Mart

Large Erasers-            $0.96 at Staples

Dry Erase Markers-    $2.00 at Dollar General

Crayons-                     $0.25 at Kmart

Glue Sticks-                $0.25 for 3 at Dollar General

Composition Books-  $0.50 at Staples and Kmart 

Pencil Box-                 $0.97 at Target

Be sure to check the Sunday paper for weekly bargains, along with coupon sites on the Web.