Something else is going in the ground in Southern Virginia besides tobacco and corn.

Two national energy companies based in Pennsylvania and Florida have plans to build a natural gas pipeline from Northwestern West Virginia 330 miles southwest to Pittsylvania County, running through Giles, Pulaski, Montgomery, Floyd, and Franklin Counties.

It's called the Mountain Valley Pipeline, planned to connect to the Williams Transco Company compressor station in Chatham.

The proposed pipeline is connecting other pipelines to Southern Virginia and points south. Company leaders say there is a growing need for more natural gas lines in the Southeastern United States.

Construction is expected to finish and the pipeline working by the end of 2018.

Williams Transco Company is working on another pipeline project of its own.

Contractors for the company are working now to distribute and organize 80 foot sections of steel pipe sitting on a 20 acre field beside Route 58, west of South Boston.

It's just some of the pieces that are part of the Virginia Southside Project, a a 100 mile extension from another pipeline from Pittsylvania County to Brunswick County.

The pipe connects to a new gas-fired power plant operated by Dominion Power.

Construction begins in two months with the pipeline ready to use in 2015. In the meantime, expect to see trucks with over sized loads driving slowly in Southern Virginia.

WDBJ7 talked with a few business owners in Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties who are near the proposed construction site. None of them were opposed to the project.

More than 15 hundred property owners will be effected by the projects.