Monday is the last day to sign up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act if you still don't have insurance.

Enrolling by Monday's deadline means you're insured for 2014 and don't have to pay a fine, 1% of your income, for not enrolling.

At Business Solutions in Salem, they're expecting to be signing people up until midnight tonight, especially since the website is having glitches today, "Just procrastination. They're waiting til the last minute, it may be a money issue, a lot of them think they have to pay right when we enroll them, when in reality they can wait a couple days," said Becky Pollard with Business Solutions.

If you do have to sign up tonight, experts say to expect things to move somewhat slowly, and to do research on what your plan should be while you're waiting to get into the Marketplace.

A reminder, the deadline for coverage starting in April passed on March 15.  Signing up by midnight ensures you won't have to pay the fine.