The coal ash spill on the Dan River had the attention of state lawmakers Thursday morning, as they questioned environmental officials about the long term effects and the costs of the contamination.

Representatives from the Department of Health, and Department of Environmental Quality said the testing that they and other agencies have conducted continues to show that supplies of drinking water are safe.

But lawmakers said they're concerned about the long term effects of the spill. Delegate Danny Marshall (R-Danville) said he worries about the impact of a flood on crops or livestock.

"It's not that it could happen next week. It could happen a decade from now or even longer," Marshall said in an interview. "And so the issue I want to know is make sure that Duke is going to be held accountable ever how long. If it happens once. If it happens twice, three times, four times whatever."

State officials say they will be assessing the short term and long term damage. And they will be urging Duke Energy to begin reimbursing the state and local governments for expenses related to the coal ash spill.