Some moped riders in the New River Valley say some law enforcement officers are confused when it comes to who can drive them.

Over the past few weeks, several moped riders say they've been warned or written up for breaking the law, by driving their mopeds on a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

"I went straight to the DMV and asked them about it. They told me that you couldn't drive it if your license was suspended for any reason,” said moped rider Brandon Hamlin.

Hamlin said his license was suspended, but not for anything in violation of current Virginia laws.

WDBJ7 called the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and asked directly, when is it illegal to drive a moped?

"It is illegal to drive a moped or a scooter whichever you prefer to call them, if your license is suspended or revoked for convictions of DUI," said Katy Lloyd, spokesperson for the DMV.

Since July of last year, Virginia's moped laws have seen two big changes. The first requires all moped drivers to have some form of government issued ID. The second requires mopeds to be registered with the DMV.

Roger Hamlin owns Big R Cycles -the big R stands for Roger- who said this confusion cost him business, so he too went to the DMV in Christiansburg.

"The fellow over at the DMV told me "we changed laws", but I don't know, that would be like changing rules in the middle of a ball game," said Roger Hamlin.

The DMV says there may be some confusion about who can and cannot drive a moped.

"We have done our best to keep the public abreast of these changes. But there's certainly as with any changes, are going to be some sort of confusing or some misinformation could be put out there," explained Lloyd.

The DMV said it continues educating its employees about new laws.