Lynchburg City School parents are relieved that Dexter White is in jail for allegedly making 23 bomb threats this week; 8 of which were made Thursday.

22 of those threats were directed towards schools, the other was made against Lynchburg General Hospital.

"It's scary to think that somebody would actually do that."

Natalie Harbin dropped her children off at school as usual Thursday morning, only to be notified of disturbing news shortly after.

"I received a call this morning saying that there was a bomb threat and for parents not to try to come up there and get their kids and they sent them outside, did the regular drill," Harbin told Your Hometown News Leader.

Police say Dexter White, is responsible for bomb threats that started Tuesday. By Thursday, he had made 8 more, for a total of 23; worrying school administrators and the community, until police shut him down.

"There were a lot of technologically advanced investigative methods used in order to track down where these phone calls were coming from and ultimately determine who's responsible for making them," Lynchburg Police Department Captain Ryan Zuidema, said at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

School leadership praised staff, parents and students for following the schools' crisis management plans. Adding that it will always air on the side of safety.

"When events like this occur, we don't know who we may be dealing with and we live in a time where it is best to air on the side of safety when it comes to keeping our schools secure," said Lynchburg City Schools Superintendent Scott Brabrand.

Police found no evidence of explosives at any of the threat sites and say this type of crime will not be taken lightly.

"As a police department, we're going to identify those individuals that perpetrate this type of activity and we are going to make sure that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Zuidema said.

Harbin is relieved and happy with how the school system and police handled the situation; but still finds what happened, unsettling.

"It was starting to look like he wasn't going to get caught and I was afraid eventually it wasn't going to be a hoax." "Hopefully we'll never have to go through it again."