Because of its technology initiatives, Roanoke County schools is ahead of the curve when it comes to educating kids for twenty first century jobs.

School, business, and community leaders talked about it at the innovation in learning teaching think tank in Roanoke Wednesday.

The think tank event was all about shaping the future of technology education; how to teach everything from computer skills to how to encourage students to start their own business.

The event was put on by Dell, the computer company, and it was live-streamed across the country.

It included parents, school leaders, area business leaders and current and former students discussing the practices that are and are not working when it comes to educating kids in today's digital age.

What really stuck out to us was what was going on the back of the room.

Greg Gersch, an artist brought in by Dell, took what you could call unique and lasting minutes of the meeting.

He listened to the discussions and, as they happened, created art based on what was being said.

“It's also a memory aid, it's an instant recall of a meeting and it's also a springboard for the next meeting,” artist Greg Gersch said.

Gersch’s drawings highlighted topics such as twenty first century business skills and education and entrepreneurship.