Many Virginia lakes have dams that don't meet state current safety regulations, but lawmakers are trying to improve the situation.

The water level at Ivy Lake in Bedford County was lowered several feet this year, after state officials determined the dam was a safety hazard.

Engineers believe it couldn't withstand a heavy rain event.  Their findings are based on data collected more than 40 years ago.

Lynchburg-area delegate Kathy Byron sponsored a bill in this year's General Assembly, which requires engineers to base their decisions on more current data.

"We need accurate data, so that we can properly classify our dams and make sure that we have a proper balance between safety and what the design of those dams should be," said Byron, a republican who represents the 22nd district.

The legislation likely won't help the situation at Ivy Lake.  The dam there will still require about a million dollars in repairs, which is currently being planned by the lake's owner, Liberty University.