Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis had no other choice but to watch the debate from the sidelines on Thursday night.

Sarvis' showing in the polls fell below the threshold he needed to get an invitation to the debate but that didn't stop him from making his presence known at Virginia Tech.

Sarvis spent the day meeting students at Virginia Tech, along with residents in the area.

WDBJ 7 caught up with the third party candidate moments after the debate ended.

Sarvis felt the debate started off negative and only went downhill thereafter. He told WDBJ 7 that he felt it was lacking in substance and that the candidates didn't give specific answers to the questions they were asked by the panel.

He said gubernatorial canidates Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli don't understand what the true problems are in Virginia.

Gun control, education and jobs were among some of the biggest topics debated Thursday night. Sarvis said the two candidates didn't give specifics as to how they intend to address the issues.

Sarvis said Thursday would have been the best time to get his message out to Virginia voters so they could make an informed decision at the polls.

He feels the voters are at a disadvantage because they couldn't hear what he would bring to the table if elected governor.

"They have no plans," he said. "The Republican MO is to talk about huge tax cuts without knowing how to pay for them and the Democratic MO is to talk about the spending increases without telling how to pay for those so that's what we come to expect and we never details."

Those in the audience agreed with Sarvis and said there was more mudslinging than debating.

Some people felt there wasn't enough time for the candidates to really get their point across.

Each candidate got one minute and 30 seconds to answer.    The other candidate then got 60 seconds to respond.

Members of the audience also felt the two candidates strayed away from answering questions they were asked by the panel.

They said McAuliffe and Cuccinelli spent more time targeting each other as to why the other would not be as effective on one topic or issue.

"I do not believe there was a clear winner tonight," said student Ben Weckstein. "I believe both candidates had their strengths and weaknesses. I was not swayed more toward one or the other after tonight's debate."

One of the biggest topics discussed on Thursday night was gun control.

Both of the candidates referenced the shooting here at Virginia Tech, but it's clear that McAuliffe supports background checks, while Cuccinelli and Sarvis do not.

Many of the voters said that topic will play a major role in determining who they will vote for in November.