Reading and research are going high tech at Liberty University.

School leaders dedicated the new Jerry Falwell Library Wednesday morning.  It's a four story building with more than 170,000 square feet of space.

One of the unique features is a robotic book retrieval system, which can store nearly half a million items.

Using computers, the machine locates books in a large vault and brings it to the front desk.

New and frequently used books will still be stored on traditional shelves.

The library is named for LU's founder, the late Jerry Falwell.

"Dad never wanted anything named after him," aid Falwell's son and LU's current president, Jerry Falwell, Jr.  "He knew he was just being used by God to do something bigger than he was and I guess that's why we had to wait until after he was gone to name a building for him."

The building also has lots of meeting space for students, and its own Starbucks to keep them awake during their studies.

The Jerry Falwell Library cost $50-million and is part of a major overhaul of campus buildings.