As one project ends, another is set to begin in downtown Roanoke.

Elmwood Park is scheduled to be completed this month.

And, as it is -Roanoke's Main Library on Jefferson Street is kicking off its own construction.

The first phase of the project has windows along the back wall knocked out.

They'll be replaced by doors which open out onto a reading porch overlooking the park.

Once that portion is done, a major renovation that will close the library is scheduled to begin in December.

"By doing that we save money and they can do this stuff quicker. To give you an example, the bathrooms that are in the center of the first floor will be totally taken out and moved to the front. And, we're actually adding family bathrooms to the children's area," says library director Sheila Umberger.

The library was originally built in 1952.

Already book shelves have been removed to make way for work.

Once it starts, the branch will be closed for about a year.

The Virginia Room will be open by appointment.

Other city library branches will extend their hours to compensate.