Bill Bolling and his wife Jean Ann unveiled the official portrait that will hang in the Senate Chamber for the next 90 years or so.

With Governor Bob McDonnell and lawmakers from both parties offering congratulations, Bolling joked that the pose artist Stephen Craighead painted followed a frustrating photo session.

"They said well let’s take a break," Bolling told us, "and I happened to go thank goodness. And they shot a picture and that’s the pose that the portrait was painted in."

Though he was hoping his portrait would eventually hang with other Virginia Governors, Bolling says he’s proud of his service in state and local government, and wouldn’t change a minute of it.

"Over the course of a career things don’t always go the way you want, certainly in the last couple of years things have not gone the way I wanted politically speaking," Bolling said, "but I feel good about the contributions that we’ve made."

The man who will pick up the gavel on Monday says Bolling set an example he hopes to follow in the State Senate.

"I think the most important job of the Lieutenant Governor is to be able to preside over the Senate effectively and also be fair with all 40 members," said Lieutenant Governor-elect Ralph Northam, "and that’s what I intend to do."

Bolling says he’s ready to return to his insurance firm, but he plans to remain active in Virginia politics and policy.

"It’ll be a different role," Bolling told us, "but I’m not done."