SALEM, Va. -

The dispute between and one of the nation's largest book publishers continues with no end in sight. And local authors with national books are still caught in the middle.

Roland Lazenby is the author of "Michael Jordan: The Life."  The book is published by Little, Brown and Company, a division of Hachette Book Group.

As he launched the most successful book of his career, Lazenby says Amazon raised the price, delayed shipping, and took other actions he believes have affected sales.

This week, Amazon offered to give authors like Lazenby 100 percent of the proceeds from their ebook sales while the dispute continues, if Hachette Book Group would agree to do the same.

Lazenby dismisses the offer as "a ploy."

"I've had nice ebook sales, and so yeah. I'd like to have a check for that amount of money," Lazenby told WDBJ7 Wednesday morning, "but boy it would be impossible to sell out, because so much is at stake."

"I signed a contract. I was paid well to do my book," Lazenby said. "I really don't need any funny money bonus from Amazon. I just need Amazon to be the retailer it is."

Lazenby notes that the book "Factory Man" written by former Roanoke Times reporter Beth Macy is due out next week.  It has received glowing reviews, and is already being named as a contender for national awards.

Unlike other books from other publishers, it's still not available for pre-order on the Amazon website.