Lisa Kitts is a breast cancer survivor. And now she is sharing her story with others across the country.

Kitts is the Assistant Manager of the Deli Department at the Bonsack Kroger in Roanoke County. Her picture will be featured on packages of Kraft's Velveeta Shells and Cheese sold in stores across the country.

Kitts says it was a shock when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, but says her faith, and the support of family and friends helped to pull her through. Today she is cancer free, and shares a message of hope with others who are confronting cancer.

"Talk about it," Kitts said, "because you'll be surprised of the people that have gone through it, and that are still survivors. And don't be afraid of it."

With its "Giving Hope a Hand campaign" Kroger is donating $136-thousand to breast cancer programs in the company's Mid-Atlantic Division.