It's only a matter of time before President Obama's health care law will kicking in for millions of Americans.

BB & T has been holding open forums for small businesses in the Roanoke area.

A handful of business owners gathered at the Virginia Tech Roanoke Center on Tuesday night for another presentation.

A BB & T employee benefits consultant talked with business owners about the upcoming changes.

BB & T has developed a model that helps to educate people on different strategies an employer can use. It also gives an overview of how the new taxes will impact your plan's cost.

*CG X303 Kendall Keffer

"Small businesses need to understand there's a lot changing as a result of health care reform," said Kendall Keffer. "Not only from the administration of their plan, but the types of plans they can offer to their employees, the cost of those plans. That has been the sticker shock for a lot of small businesses is the ultimate cost."

There will be another forum in Blacksburg on Tuesday.

It will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 4:30 pm.