President Obama made headlines earlier this week when he said he didn't think marijuana was as bad for you as alcohol, but he said he still wouldn't want his kids to do it.

Perceptions of marijuana are changing, but prevention groups are learning ways to teach kids that it's harmful effects are the same.

The Roanoke Prevention Alliance, along with other prevention groups from across the Roanoke Valley, learned about those negative health effects.

A number of groups heard from a doctor about the true effects on the brain since some experts think kids are getting the wrong message.

“Misinformation in the media about how natural marijuana is, how healthy marijuana is,” said Ray Beamis with the Roanoke Prevention Alliance. “The facts are in terms of an adolescent, developing brain, they have major consequences.”

Experts say the changing laws concerning marijuana nationwide means showing its harmful effects is the most important and effective way to get kids to stop.