As of Tuesday night, there's still no progress in the battle to re-open the federal government.

Senate leaders were close to locking in a deal to end the budget standoff, but they put it on hold on Tuesday to watch what happens in the House.

House Republicans spent the day working their own compromise bill to re-open government and extend the debt limit.

There was no vote in the House and talks in the Senate are back on as of Tuesday.

House Democrats sat down with the President at the White House. They're optimistic Congress will reach a deal before Thursday's deadline to raise the debt limit.

After watching from the sidelines for the last two weeks, some local groups are saying enough is enough.

One of the groups called Organizing for Action used Tuesday to deliver a message to lawmakers.

The non-profit group wants Rep. Bob Goodlatte to hear their concerns. They blame Goodlatte, along with the rest of the House of Representatives, for the shutdown.

They want Congress to re-open the government, pay the bills and get back to business. The group says they plan to rally until an agreement is reached.

WDBJ 7 reached out the president of the Roanoke Tea Party as well.

Organizing for Action says people need to hold one party responsible, while Roanoke Tea Party members say there’s more people to blame.

"They need to become educated, they need to hold their congressman responsible, they need to call everyday if it takes that and demand that they support a clean bill as far as funding our government is concerned and not hold our country hostage," said Organizing for Action Virginia Southwest chairman Eddie Seay.

"I would say it's both parties are to blame for the problems that are going on in Washington, but the government needs to come together and figure out solutions to the long term problems we have,” said Chip Tarbutton. “Our children, our children's children are piling up debt.”

Tarbutton is the president of the Roanoke Tea Party and says there’s enough blame to go around when it comes to the shutdown.

Those with Organizing for Action plan to make a trip to Washington DC next week, if no progress is made in the next few days.