Roanoke Co., Va. -

It's another way teens are talking trash about each other.  The worst part is, no one can seem to stop it.

The postings are crude, cruel and some downright disgusting.

"Typically on the crushes it's more positive things said about people, and on confessions it's negative," says Madison Butler, a student at Glenvar High School.

Across the country webpages called Crushes and Confessions are becoming the new teenage pastime.  In Roanoke County, Cave Spring, Glenvar and William Byrd highs schools have all been linked to them.  Salem High school has been linked as well.

"(The sites say) so and so slept with someone else. She's such a skank. She's trashy (the) kind of stuff like that," says Butler.

The anonymous sites, likely created by students using Twitter, are a free-for-all to say whatever about whomever, but the majority of the posts are about girls.

"People are assuming that whatever is on there was true even if it wasn't," says Amanda Wade, a student at Glenvar.

The school district acknowledges "canning" these sites are virtually impossible, especially if students aren't using school computers to talk trash.

"The problem is after school hours they're either getting on their personal devices whether it be a phone or a computer at home," says Hayley Poland, who heads up Roanoke County Public Schools' Counseling Services.

Administrators have been successful in getting some of the sites taken down. But students wouldn't be surprised to see them surface again, leaving these girls and their parents a bit uneasy.

"I feel for the girls and the parents that are on their negatively," says Sherry Butler, a parent.

"It's hurtful and I'm probably not going to wear my shorts and short and my shirt as low," says Madison Butler.

Many of the posts on these Crushes and Confession pages could fall under The Roanoke County School districts zero tolerance bullying policy.  In this case, it could likely fall under cyber bullying.  Unfortunately, the difficulty for the school district comes in, in learning who's behind the posts.