Law enforcement agencies in the area are bringing awareness to the dangers of texting while driving. This morning students at Virginia Western Community College were graded on their skills behind the wheel.

“You'll see somebody texting and they'll be running off the road three and four feet over the line,” said Officer W.D. Wood.

Wood has been on the force for over 12 years, and he says this is the reality on the roads. Instead of drivers looking in front of them, there looking down at their phones.

“It's so dangerous because in two seconds, ten seconds however long they look down, so much can happen. All it takes is somebody switching lanes,” said Wood.

To bring awareness to distracted drive month, Roanoke City, county, and Virginia Western Police put together a driving course. Participants would go around once without texting and then again, this time texting.

Virginia Western Student Kareshna Lee and found it difficult to maintain control of the wheel, taking out a cone around her.

“Wait, park; put your car in park. Step out of the car if you have to. Wait to text, don't text and drive that one cone could have been one child, said Lee.

Winsome Alien has a 16-year-old son; she says it's important that parents lay down the ground rules.

“Most children they are going to tell you, oh I know what I'm doing. It's not a problem but you have to keep insisting that they don't do it,” said Alien.

You can get a ticket for texting and driving. The offense will cost $125, after that $250.