Before the General Assembly takes a vote on the controversial medicaid expansion, supporters want lawmakers to hear from people who could be affected.

Danville and Pittsylvania County political leaders met with experts in the health care industry Friday morning.

They addressed concerns about the loss of medical jobs and the continued lack of health care people can get under the current health care laws.

Kathy Haskins, who has an autoimmune disease shared her story of health care issues.

She doesn't qualify for disability, can't afford insurance and because that she can't be put on a list for a liver transplant.

"I mean if I don't get some kind of insurance than the state of Virginia signed my death certificate," said Haskins.

This was one of nine meetings Virginia Organizing held across the state in support of the medicaid expansion.

Opponents of the expansion in the General Assembly want more time to come up with a plan and don't believe a vote should be immediate.