A Pulaski County father is back home with his wife and children, after serving eight months in Afghanistan.

Major Paul Tremblay and Tracie, his wife of 13 years, have been planning to surprise their three children when he arrived stateside. The wife and Marine didn't disappoint.

This reporter met the couple about a mile from Dublin Middle School, where their oldest daughter Madison attends.

Sporting a crisp set of military fatigues, Major Tremblay just said it.

"I'm excited. I can't wait to see my daughter. I'm especially anxious to see the expression on her face when I come up from behind her and suprise her. She has no idea I'm home today."

Tremblay's been a Marine for 18 years. Four overseas tours. This last one was a solid eight months.

The couple make it to Dublin Middle School and walk inside. Only a few people know that Superman's coming.

Tracie walks into the main office and signs them both in. Tracie, petite and pretty with a huge smile, said her husband, the strong Marine, is a pushover when it comes to the kids.

"He's a Major in the Marine's but when he's home, he's a private!"

Tremblay walks deliberately towards the school cafeteria. It's packed. He's asked what he's thinking just 50 feet from where his daughter is sitting. All this waiting is enough.

''Let's get it on!"

Dad walks with that confident military swagger. He waves slowly and walks over to Madison, who is surrounded by girlfriends who are smiling and wondering what's happening.

Major Tremblay was wearing a microphone and this reporter could hear Madison crying, weeping as she put her arms around her hero. The tears kept coming and within seconds, Major Tremblay was crying too.

Sometimes you just have to be quiet.

Father and daughter will remember this moment forever. Seemingly oblivious to the hundreds of screaming kids who are watching a father and daughter reunite next to trashcans and long lunch tables.

Tracie said she had it all planned.

"I told [Madison] that I'd come to have lunch with her and she was like why? I said 'Well isn't it cool for moms to have lunch with sixth graders?' The entire table was like Noooo!!!''

After a long hug, Mom and Marine are off next to Riverlawn Elementary School in Fairlawn to see his two boys.

Within minutes, Major Tremblay is walking into a packed auditorium. The students have been told it's a rally, but they don't know what it's for.

Tremblay spots his two boys near the front of the bleachers. The boys see their dad and both race into his arms.