It's like an art class for adults..

"We've got some rockets started here and some signs that we're making," says Amy Weaver.

The women are part of the Facebook group, "Roanoke Mommies."
Wednesday, these moms took their online friendships, offline and outside.

In addition to keeping an eye on the kids, the women are preparing for a Thursday flight.
They're not taking off, but instead- welcoming in veterans as they touch down at the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport.

"We thought we would come together to make some posters for the Honors Flights, so that we could meet the veterans," explains Amanda Doss.

The Honor Flight will bring in 60-World War II veterans as part of the D-Day celebration in Bedford.
And, these women want the experience to be a good one.

Says Weaver, "I just think it's very important to show your support for these gentleman and women that have sacrificed time or life or limb to make sure our country is a free country. "

For many of the women, the issue hits close to home since they have loved serving or who have served in the military.

And, while the kids may be too young to totally grasp what's going on, the women say it's never too early to start honoring those protecting our country.

"The most important message that I want to get out is we know what they did for us, we remember. We support them and thank you, thank you to the veterans that are coming and thank you to all the veterans and soldiers," says Deanna Crum.

The flight from Florida is scheduled to arrive here at the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport at 11:10 Thursday morning.

An airport spokesperson says the airport is expecting a large turnout, but is concerned about where everyone will go- since space is tight and other flights and passengers will be coming in.