Psalms 150 verses 5 and 6 say, praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

That's what's happening at Church Alive International and at Grace Covenant Church.

The two non-denominational churches are taking a non -traditional approach in their worship.

“As the culture changes, things like the arts and what we do here, our expression of the faith actually change too,” said Grace Covenant Church Pastor Chris Stup.

Pastors at both churches have noticed growth within their congregations. They credit that to a come as you are approach.

“One of our mottos here was no religious fashion shows, that was one our slogans,” said Stup.

“I don't connect with a lot of things that are a part of traditional religion, said GCC Elder Rusty Pugh.

Concert style lights illuminate the altar at Grace Covenant Church. There's also a countdown to service at Church Alive International. Traditional choir robes and chapel caps are a thing of the past.

“We do not see that that is being crucial to getting the love of God into people lives. We just want this ministry to be a channel for God to be able to love on people,” said CAI Pastor Vannie Harrell.

Church attire has been a long standing tradition in many denominations for years. Betty Basham remembers her days and upbringing in the Baptist church. She recalled the formal attire she used to wear.

“This day and time it's not about your dress it's not about your attire. It's about loving people and being open and being open and friendly with people,” said GCC member Betty Basham.

“When I come to church, I like to feel comfortable. Sometimes I don't tuck my shirt in because I feel constricted when I raise my hands,” said CAI member William McKenzie.

Even though the churches religious structures are different, there is one commonality they share with all churches.

“That God loves them and there's a Christ that died for them, that has given them everything that they need. They don't have to earn it it's a free gift,” said Church Alive International member Billy Orr.

Many church members say, finding a church that works for the worshiper is the important factor, no matter the denomination.