People from across southwest Virginia waited at the Roanoke Civic Center for care they might not get if they had to pay for it out of their pocket.

“It helps me out tremendously. I didn’t have the extra money to get it clean, so therefore I took advantage of the opportunity,” said patient Debbie McGhee.

“When you’re a low income family, you got to do what you got to do to get help,” said patient Laura Hooker.

Health professionals and students volunteer their time for the clinic.

“Dental health is so important to overall health. A lot of people don’t make the connection that your mouth is really important to your overall health and without care it can cause a lot of problems,” said project manager Alison Jorgensen.

“I actually was hoping to get a cleaning but when they checked me out with x-rays before they said I had a tooth that needed to be extracted,” patient Marion McGhee.

Most of the patients don't have dental insurance.

“We want them to know that the community is here for them certainly and that this is an event that we're are all dedicated to but we also use the event to show the need,” said Jorgensen.

Patient’s received tickets about a week ago in order to take advantage of the services.