A Salem pastor will be seen on national television on Tru-TV because of one of his sermons.

Tom McCracken, Pastor of the Community Church caught the attention of YouTube viewer and cable networks when his attempt to preach inside of a casket didn’t go as planned.

“My goal was to put a casket up there and show everyone that death was not something to fear anymore, that through the gospel we have life. It's only through the casket we can experience the healing that we long for,” said McCracken.

McCracken says the measurements for his foot space wasn't enough and caused the casket to come crashing down. After the fall he decided to upload the video onto YouTube.

“There are a lot of people, who don't go to church, and so my goal was to try and get their attention, those unchurched people; unreached people to watch a funny YouTube video which is something everybody does. And then all of a sudden they see our church website, they hear the gospel,” said McCracken.

The online videos didn't quite take off as much as McCracken was hoping. They only reached around 6,000 views. However, they landed in front of the eyes of networks like MTV and Tru-TV. On Sunday night, Pastor McCracken made his crashing debut on the network show, World's Dumbest.

“The reality is I think we can expose people to the message that we want them exposed to,” said McCracken. Even if it's by an unorthodox method, I don't think it matters. I think the bottom line is unchurched people are going to be tuning in to something churched.