One 3rd grade math teacher in Roanoke County has some big ideas about fixing education in Virginia.

Tomorrow she heads to Richmond to tell the Governor.

Catey Moretz was one of 22 teachers statewide who applied for and was appointed to the newly formed Governor's Teacher Cabinet.

The Governor signed an Executive Order creating the cabinet, with the hopes of hearing how to make public education better by hearing from the people who work in classrooms everyday.

Moretz says she jumped at the chance to be on the cabinet and was happy to be selected.

Her main platform isn't SOL reform or raising teacher pay, but it's improving mental health resources for children both in school and in the community.

She says over the past few years, these resources such as the DARE program and full-time school psychologists have gone away.

For her, the message she'd like to deliver in Richmond is personal.

"I had a rough childhood and I owe being the person I am today to a teacher, and so my philosophy in life is that you need to pay that forward," Moretz said.

The teachers cabinet meets tomorrow for the first time and gives its first report to the Governor in November.

Other teachers who made the cabinet from the viewing area: Julia Blanchard from Highland County, Thomas Foster from Lynchburg, Betsy Hall from Salem and James Popek from Halifax County.