Carlos Brunal started on this journey seven years ago to become an Eagle Scout. He stood before his peers to accept an honor he worked extremely hard for to accomplish. Carlos says that being in the organization has helped him to grow in many ways.

“Scouting is such a broad subject that it's help me with really just about anything, when it comes to meeting people; when it comes to writing,” said Carlos Brunal.

Carlos started the Boys Scout initially through a Soccer and Scouting Program. It was a multi-cultural initiative to not only engage scouts in the Hispanic community but their families as well. Carlo's father was a scout in Colombia.

“It really was the best time I remember. I'm glad Carlos can join here, Charles Brunal.

During Carlos's time as a Boy Scout, he earned 38 Merit Badges, including the 14 he needed for the Eagle Scout honor.

“It's funny because everyone expects that merit badge classes are you doing this outdoor activity and this and that and of course that exist,” said Carlos Brunal. “But you also have merit badges that work your brain.”

Carlos says he's going to school to be an engineer, and says he still plans to be active with the Boys Scout.