Snow fell all across Virginia and in Franklin County. It also caused the closure of schools. People out running errands say it's time for the snow to stop.

“I do not like it, makes you feel tired; worn out every day. You can't get out and enjoy the sunshine. I know people have got to be getting tired of it,” said Roger Lynch.

This past weekend brought in spring-like temperatures that reached into the 60s. Some people didn't believe that snowfall would be possible.

“I was thinking maybe it's going to miss us, because when I left home it was still above freezing, so I was hoping that we wouldn't get it,” said Rita Wray.

People who live in the Rocky Mount area say they haven't seen snow like this in years.

“We haven't had snows like we've had in this past year in at least 10 years. So people are not really prepared for what we face," said Dana Pattie Jr.

Many are waiting on spring.

“More than ready my friend, more than ready. I have my golf clubs waiting,” said Lynch.