UPDATE: Adult stores looking to open in Pittsylvania County will have more hurdles to pass before setting up shop.

Tuesday night the Pittsylvania County Planning Commission recommended four pages of amendments to the current zoning ordinance.

The commission advertised it as a public hearing but no one showed.

This is the first law that addresses where adult stores are and aren't allowed to open.

The recommendations state that adult stores must be more than two miles from an existing adult store and no closer than 1,000 feet from churches, schools, day cares, public parks and libraries.

Stores must also apply for a special use permit which goes before the board of supervisors and a public hearing before being approved.

The amendment recommendations are now waiting for approval from the board of supervisors, which will review the proposed changes on December 17th.


ORIGINAL STORY: At first people didn't understand the name.

"We had people think we were a hair salon, that we did nails," said Kayla Combs, an employee at "Shhh.. Intimacy".

The warning sign on the door gave it away. "Shhh.. Intimacy" isn't for kids. It's strictly for adults.

Kayla Combs says business online and in the store is booming.

"We had to start opening on other days due to the fact that we were so busy on weekdays. First I was the only employee, then we hired another girl," Combs said.

It's located nearly a mile from a school, churches, restaurants and shops. County leaders don't want future adult stores opening up in a similar.

The county attorney made a proposal to allow adult stores in only two zoning districts, away from schools, churches, and homes. The planning commission can recommend the change or take no action. But the final say is up to the board of supervisors.

County leaders say "Shhh.. Intimacy" store and "Lovely Lady", another store in the county, are excluded from tonight's decision.

"I never understood what caused it to be such a big deal. We're here, but we're discreet," Combs said.

The store's owner says she's hasn't heard much opposition from her neighbors. People who work nearby are choosing to ignore the stores than get into the debate.

"I do my job. Like I say, I didn't know what it was until I started reading it in the paper about an adult, some kind of adult, I don't even know, I've never been in it," said James Gauldin who works at a shopping center next door.

Adult stores have been in Pittsylvania County for more than 18 years.

The controversy started when county leaders threatened to close the two stores over the summer saying they weren't allowed in the area.

A lawyer representing "Shhh.. Intimacy" said that was unconstitutional.