Construction just recently wrapped up on Market Square in downtown Roanoke but more construction is coming with the new hotel. Though this is meant to better downtown, it’s causing one business owner to leave.

Since the early '80s, Rosa Weeks has owned Christy's in downtown Roanoke. It's a successful boutique that sells women's clothing and accessories. But in 2012, her business lost more than $40,000.

"I was covered for eight months. The building was covered and it just had a sign saying that we were open but you had to walk through a tunnel to get to me,” Weeks said.

Just when she thought the construction was over, something else showed up at her front door back in June.

For five-and-a-half weeks there was a dumpster placed in front of Christy's. It was all in an effort to clear out her neighbor's business.

The dumpster was moved a few days ago, but Weeks had already made up her mind to move her business.

"I can't afford, ya know, for the roads to be closed to where people can't get to me,” Weeks said.

After 31 years in downtown, she's moving out Saturday.

"I think it's a good mall, and all my customers are very excited about it. I haven't had many complain except they won't have anywhere to go on their lunch hour,” Weeks said.

Weeks said she thinks construction is needed in downtown and she's not against it, she's just ready for a new beginning in a new place.