A couple months ago, we introduced you to "Lucky".

You might remember, he's the kitten with the deformed leg that was rescued from a busy intersection in Pulaski County.

After the story aired, many of our viewers sent donations, called and emailed the newsroom wanting to know what happened to Lucky.

We went back to Pulaski County to find out.

Lucky looks a little different since the last time you saw him.

He's missing his right leg.

"He wasn't able to walk with it, he just kind of dragged it along. The problem with that is, when a leg is not working the way it's supposed to, it can become damaged very easily," .

Linda Fasnacht,  rescued Lucky back in August.

After bringing the six week old kitten home, she realized his leg was deformed.

Doctors say Lucky was either born that way or experienced some type of trauma.

"If the defect can't be corrected, which in this case it couldn't, its best for the cat to have the leg removed."

But the surgery would cost Linda one-thousand dollars.

Money she didn't have.                 

After her story aired on WDBJ7,

Linda raised two-thousand dollars and was eventually able to set an appointment for Lucky's surgery.
"All week long, I've been nervous and looking at his little leg and kind of sad that its going but at the same time I'm happy because it's getting worse and worse," Linda said.

Twenty stitches later, it's time for Lucky to go home.

But he wasted no time showing off his new "three-legged skills".

Despite the fact that he looks different, one things for sure, someone is "Lucky-in-love".