Lynchburg City Schools is focused on health today.

Not just healthy bodies, but a healthy environment as well. Today is both Earth Day and International Walk to School Day.

"A lot of baby boomers used to do it, and we just don't do it much anymore," Nina Polley with Lynchburg City Schools said.

Polley runs the Safe Routes to School Program for Lynchburg Schools. A little after 8 this morning, dozens of students, their parents, community leaders and police officers will walk to four area elementary schools.

Dearington, T.C. Miller, Paul Munro and R.S. Payne Elementary School students will all meet at a location near the school and walk. 

Just as important as showing students how to be healthy: How to be safe.

Lynchburg Police Officer Scott Glass gives several tips to kids and parents: "Make sure they're walking against traffic," he said, especially if there's no sidewalk.

"We try to encourage them to travel in numbers too," Glass said.

For drivers, "Just be alert, especially in school zones," Glass added.