The unusual drive-by shooting that killed Lawrence Giusto shocked and surprised many in Lynchburg.

The incident was especially jarring for Desiree Perry.  Giusto was her cousin.   

"You hear shots a lot in Lynchburg, but you never expect it to be a family member or someone that you just spoke to," said Perry.

Giusto  was shot and killed on Shaffer Street June 22.  Eight people are charged in connection with his death.

Perry met with Giusto less than an hour before he was killed.  They talked about his job, and his plans to attend community college in the fall.

"He was really getting his life together and doing things he should have been doing," Perry told WDBJ7 Tuesday.  "He was a young man with a future."

Perry doesn't want other young people in the city to suffer the same fate as her cousin.

Most of the people charged in connection with Giusto's death are teenagers.  Prosecutors have indicated the killing was a "retaliation," hinting that gang activity may be involved.

Charmagne Scott believes a lack of options and adult supervision is causing some Lynchburg teenagers to join gangs or get mixed up with drugs.

"I don't like to see them go down like this," said Scott.  "I want them to know there is another way out."

Scott is working with B.B. Shavers and his SHOPO youth foundation to start a movement called "Put the Guns Down."  They want to connect young people with resources that will help them further their education or find a career.

"I want them to know that the adults they see and the people they see are in their corner," Scott explained.  "We're here for you and we're not going to give up on you."

"You have a lot of people around here doing positive things," said Shavers.  "It's about getting everyone on one accord."

Shavers and Scott want to recruit adult mentors, who can work with the city's youth and show them a path to success.

Perry plans to take part and hopes the movement will take off.

"We don't need violence," Perry said.  "We don't need all of the negativeness in Lynchburg.  It would be great to see everybody come together as one."

The first step of this movement will be a peace rally this weekend.

Activists plan to march through downtown Saturday afternoon, hoping to recruit adults and teens to get involved in their cause.

The event starts here at the Elks Lodge on Fifth Street at 6 p.m.