A study will be conducted on the College Lake Dam in Lynchburg.

Surveyors, engineers and environmental scientists will begin gathering information Wednesday.

The study was prompted after a previous survey of the dam showed the 60-foot spillway near the entrance of Lynchburg College was not large enough to handle the flow of water during severe weather conditions.

Those working on the project hope the data retrieved about the lake, dam and underlying soil will be useful in making future engineering decisions.

“The findings from the dam study will make it possible for us to make an informed decision concerning the future of College Lake and the dam as we work to comply with the dam safety regulations,” said City Manager Kim Payne in a news release.

“We understand how important this area is, not only to Lynchburg College, but also to other interested parties in the area. The City, working with Lynchburg College, will be seeking input from the public in the near future,” she said.

The Virginia Department of Transportation built the dam in 1934. It is 35.4 feet high and about 300 feet long. College Lake drains for 22 miles, the majority of it into Lynchburg with a small portion draining into Campbell County.