The Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney will not seek criminal charges against any of the officers who arrested Levon Martin on Aug. 20.

Martin died on Aug. 21 while in police custody.

A toxicology test determined that Martin likely died from an overdose of cocaine and angel dust (PCP). Marijuana was also found in Martin's system, according to a toxicology report.

Investigators believe Martin ingested the drugs either immediately before or during a police encounter that happened shortly before his death.  Several Lynchburg police officers showed up at a Tulip Street home Martin was visiting, looking for a suspect in a drug investigation.

Even though Martin was not the suspect police were looking for, he decided to run away and officers chased him a short distance with a dog.  When the chase was over, Martin complained about being tired and sick.   At one point officers picked him up and carried him while he was still in handcuffs.

Police called an ambulance, but Martin passed out before paramedics could arrive.  He died at a hospital the next day.

Martin's autopsy did not find any signs of trauma. The investigation also found that no weapons, Tasers, or batons were used by police during Martin's arrest.

Martin had several drug convictions in the past.

Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Doucette met with Martin's family prior to Wednesday's news conference. Doucette said Martin's family was not happy with the result of the investigation.

WDBJ7 spoke to Martin's wife and sister-in-law, who tell us that the information they are receiving from Doucette now is not consistent with information they received from police in August regarding Martin's death.


The Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney will announce the result of an investigation after a man died in police custody in August.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Doucette will hold a news conference at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday in Lynchburg.

Levon Deshawn Martin suffered a medical emergency on Aug. 20 while in police custody following a chase. Martin died Aug. 21.

At the time of Martin’s arrest, police went to a Lynchburg home to arrest a different man who was accused of violating parole. Martin wasn’t the man police were searching for, but he took off running. Police said they did not use Tasers to detain Martin, but witnesses contradict that.

WDBJ7 is planning to live stream the 2:45 p.m. news conference. Check back soon for more updates.